Whitesboro — June 28 – 30


Beautiful home.  Complete estate.  High quality furniture, nice smalls, regular household and more.  Beautiful bedroom sets, Living room furniture, curio cabinets, plasma tv, doll house, cedar chest, wooden kitchen table and chairs, dining room set large hutch, lawn mower, snowblower, garden tools, usual household, linens, golf clubs, holiday, pictures, prints, nice glassware, cup and saucer collection, piano, books, clothing, charcoal and gas grills, ladies bike, air conditioner, patio furniture and more.

Utica — July 6 – 8

Complete House.  Nice furniture and  accessories.  Mainly vintage.  Wonderful Jewelry. Coins..

Rome — July 22 – 24

Complete House.  Antique furniture and accessories.  Tools.  Household.  More.

Keep checking…will post more as details unfold.


Many sincere thanks are extended to the numerous wonderful families we assisted in settling their estate or making that big move to a retirement destination in 2016.

Our hundreds of customers were equally as terrific.  You made our job enjoyable with your smiles, appreciative attitudes and fantastic purchases.  The sales we hosted were great quality, lots of quantity and fairly priced for both the seller and the buyer.


Please note that all our sales are what we consider “virgin sales”.  That means we do not pre-sell items, add items or purchase items from the estate prior to the public sale.  Everything for sale by the estate or owner is available to you the customer at 9 AM on  opening day of the sale. 

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Settling an estate can be emotionally draining, physically exhausting and personally hard to do yourself. 

We understand your needs and will do everything we can to assist you during this difficult time.

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